It is the most efficient and economical solution to treat wastewater containing biodegradable compounds. This plant is based on the use of bacteria and microorganisms, which can destroy organic and polluting matter if they are kept under specific environmental conditions. CO2, water, mineral salts and inorganic compounds are the final products of the metabolism of organic matter that also produces the growth and development of activated biomass.


In addition to a biological plant, they include a series of advanced treatments that permit to remove specific organic or inorganic pollutants, in order to reuse part of the effluent in other industrial processes (the recycling effluent is used as “process water of process”).


They are plants that do not include any liquid discharge, related neither to service water nor to process one. The ZLD is the result of a total recycling of the water discharged from the industrial process, in conjunction with a total reuse of treated water and a partial recycling of some chemical components contained in it. The final residue is composed of the crystals of dissolved salts and a part of the organic and not biodegradable components.


They are plants designed for the primary water treatment. They include simple solutions such as water softening, iron removal, de-chlorination, etc. and more advanced solutions such as demineralization, production of ultra-pure water and water with very low conductivity.


Europrogetti S.r.l. is a company that, for more than 30 years, offers to customers its expertise in the design, installation and management of plants for treatment, purification and reuse of civil and industrial water sewage. We can offer solutions which allow the recycling of more than 90% of treated water and we also guarantee the lowest running costs thanks to the implementation of the most efficient and advanced technologies in the field.

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The majority of wastewater containing biodegradable compounds can be treated by biological way, provided that the most suitable environmental conditions are created, verified and guaranteed. This type of system, if properly designed and operated, can remove BOD5, COD, surfactants, colloids, TKN, oil and grease and suspended solids for over 90%, without the use of chemical reagents: it is by far the more efficient and economical available process for these types of wastewater. Furthermore, the amount of sludge generated is as low as possible and, being an organic product, it can be mixed with other organic elements to produce compost. biologici1The basic process consists in the transformation (Oxidation) of the biodegradable and particular soluble constituents in final products that include carbon dioxide, nitrates and water. The responsible for this conversion are a mixed colony of living microorganisms, which proliferate in certain environmental conditions; so it is very important that the following parameters are checked and promptly corrected:

  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Hydraulic time retention
  • Concentration of MLSS
  • Organic charge

The biological wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) includes two interconnected lines: the water line and the sludge line.
















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