Europrogetti S.r.l. is a company that offers more than 30 years of design and management experience in primary water, civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants. We design and develop advanced technologies and solutions for the water treatment plants, with the recycling of the treated water up to 95%. In addition, we offer plants able to guarantee “Zero liquid discharge” (ZLD), with the total reuse of all treated water in the production process.

Europrogetti S.r.l. has a great experience in water treatment coming from various sectors, such as tannery, textile, food and chemical industry, slaughterhouses, paper, drinks, etc. Particularly, our staff is specialised in the field of textile industrial discharge: we can define ourselves as LEADERS with 380 working installations all over the world.
Our plants have a treatment capacity from 50 to 300,000 cubic meters/day, depurating more than 800,000 cubic meters of water every day. We are currently working in Europe, China, Central and South America, North and South Africa, the Middle East and Asia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

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The service offered by Europrogetti S.r.l. includes the engineering design, supply of machineries and materials, installation, start-up of the plant and the total and integrated management of the same. This global solution allows us to continuously update and develop best technological solutions in terms of process, management cost, choice of the equipment quality and process efficiency. We provide O&M and consulting services for both plants built by us, both for existing plants that need technical and economic improvements (Revamping).

profilo azienda2Thanks to our great direct experience, we can offer customized solutions, supplying simple treatments for discharge into the river or into the sea, or supplying partial recycling plants in order to reuse the water in fire protection or irrigation systems. In addition, we can propose advanced technologies that allow the reuse of treated water (even total in ZLD plants) in any industrial production process. We can produce technological solutions even for relatively small spaces, for critical situations or special needs.

For these reasons, our proposals are considered as the most advanced and innovative in the field of industrial and civil water treatment and for their recycling. The European Commision “Eco-Innovation” has approved a project (first in Europe) for the recycling of treated water of 65% in the dyeing production process and the recover of the heat contained in recycled water. Thanks to it, we can also significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions (“Wasatex” project). .

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